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Send us an email at this link–

There are plenty of ways to get involved in the festival, whether it be performing, volunteering, or administration. We are looking for choirs of all interests and abilities to take part in the festival programme.

Yes! Times are changing. Choral doesn’t mean classical, so forget neat rows and hymn sheets. Singing in a choir is about sharing a passion for music making with like-minded friends, and we want choirs of all styles and genres to showcase what choral singing means to them.

You are very welcome to take part in our Come-And-Sing events during the festival. Keep an eye on the latest information on the website about where, when and what to do. We want everyone to experience singing in a choir!

No, performers and workshop participants do not have to pay a fee to sing. You will still have to buy a ticket to watch other events.

There are numerous venues across the island that might suit your choir better than the concert stage. Churches with choirs are encouraged to consider events at their space, and community choirs may choose to sing at a venue in which they feel most comfortable. St James has an amazing set up for both classical and pop, so if there is anything you need (like a sound system or backing band) do get in touch to let us know.

We rely on donations and ticket sales to keep the Guernsey Choral Festival running each year. The money raised stays within the festival and is used to support education platforms and community outreach projects, as well as creating performance opportunities for local choirs.